Pegasus Project Supports MARE Summer Institute

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friday, august 13, 1999


Pegasus Project Supports MARE Summer Institute  
August 12 , 1999The Pegasus Project participated in the MARE Lawrence Hall of Science summer teacher training institute on marine environmental education. The Pegasus took out two groups of teachers on July 29 and August 5 for evening voyages on San Francisco Bay. On August 5, Jason Hunter and Peter Hayes gave the twenty five participating teachers a Virtual Voyage at the Lawrence Hall of Science computer laboratory, taking the teachers in an on-line trip on the Pegasus and companion sites such as Virtual Expedition.

Teachers attended from Shonto Preparatory and Sandpiper Elementary Schools, Arizona; Lago Vista Elementary School in Texas; New Jersey, Edisoson Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon; as well as from Lincoln, Verde and Ford Elementary Schools in Richmond, Chabot School in Oakland, and Highland School in Vallejo, California.

Teachers and curriculum specialists also came from farther afield including Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Trindidad Elementary School in Trinidad; Mad Science of the South Bay in Neward, California, and the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University in New Jersey.

At the debriefing with teachers at the end of the second voyage, Nancy Wilks from Chabot said: “I see this as an experiential journey for the children. This might be the first of many journeys even though they may live close to the Bay, I am not sure how many of them have been on it. I think that they would really remember it and take it into their next grade.” Katherine Mitchell of Ford Elementary School said: “It’s about geography. You have students from Richmond who don’t leave Richmond very much. They come out here on Pegasus and look back and see where they live, where their school is, where the bridges are.”


* Jason Hunter leads teachers on a Virtual Voyage

Photo Gallery

JUNE 14, 1999
Visit the new Pegasus Project Photo Gallery and check out photos and original student artwork.

Spring Program Completed

JUNE 4, 1999
Read about our final environmental education sails of Spring 1999.


Staff Info

The Pegasus Project is directed by Dr. Peter Hayes. Additional Nautilus staff include Paul Kassatkin, Project Coordinator, and Jason Hunter. All contact information can be found on the current Pegasus Voyages website.

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