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Tokyo Bay

The Experience of Earthquakes

Seismic Activity Mapping

Search for earthquake activity by entering time frame, latitude and longitude.

Great Kanto Earthquake,1923 Tokyo Earthquake

Photographs and text about Tokyo’s 1923 devastating earthquake.

US Geological Survey
Map of Japan’s seismicity by depth, 1975–95.

City of Yokohama
Photographs of the city’s harbor damaged by Tokyo’s 1923 earthquake.

Historical and Cultural Resources

Cultural information about Tokyo and Japan in general. Includes stories about Japanese people’s daily lives and a Tokyo train map.

Irasshai Launch Pad
Information about education in Japan.

A resource for a variety of cultural topics.

Tokyo Meltdown
Guide to architecture, entertainment, culture.

Rediscovering Tokyo
First person narratives about life in the metropolis.

California Museum of Photography, University of California
Hand-colored photographs of 19th century Japan.

Exploring Old Tokyo
Pictures and descriptions of museums and shinto shrines.

Kisarazu City and Surrounding Area
Descriptions and photographs of rural, industrial and cultural sites.

Central Tokyo Camera
View from the 28th floor of the Nihon Unisys headquarters building in Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Shinjuko, Tokyo Camera
View of Shinjuko, in central Tokyo

Irasshai Launch Pad for Japanese studies

Japan Links
A list of online sources with links to: news, traditional arts (for example, the tea ceremony), tokyo urban life, sake brewery, pop music, and martial arts.

Japan from a Japanese Perspective
A source of comprehensive information on Japan.

Japan Web Navigator

A list of online sources with links to: Current news (international, national, regional), society, mass media, travel, sports, education, nature, and culture.

Gateway Japan
Links to cultural sites.

Natl Clearinghouse for US-Japan Studies
General information on Japan, 1990 Winter Olympics, Info for Kids (games), Journals, Japanese Government, Japanese English Language Newspapers, Museums, Japanese Web Navigator.

Stanford Guide to Japan Information

Comparative Journalism

Japan Times

Tokyo Journal

Newspapers and magazines in Tokyo

San Francisco Bay

The Experience of Earthquakes

Seismic Activity Mapping
Search for earthquake activity by entering time frame, latitude and longitude.

Museum of the City of San Francisco, Earthquake Exhibit
Maps, scientific data, reports, accounts and photographs of the 1906 and 1989 San Francisco earthquakes.

US Geological Survey, Earthquake Information
Combines scientific research and analysis with photographs.

US Geological Survey, Earthquake Information
Map of recent seismic activity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

US Geological Survey, Earthquake Information

Graph showing major seismic activity in San Francisco followed by years of quiet, 1850-present.

US Geological Survey, San Francisco Bay Area Faults
Map of fault lines, showing 6 months of Bay Area seismicity in 1995.

UC Berkeley, Cal State Hayward and USGS Menlo Park
Information on San Francisco Bay Area seismicity, including a chart of significant San Francisco Bay Area Earthquakes: 1769 – 1997.

Carnegie Report
Photographs taken along the San Andreas fault line of damage from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and links to other earthquake information sources.

Gallery of the Open Frontier
A photograph collection of the 1906 San Francisco quake.

Historical and Cultural Resources

KQED San Francisco Neighborhoods: The Mission District, Castro and Chinatown
Photographs and text about three of San Francisco’s lively neighborhoods.

Gallery of the Open Frontier, Life by the Sea
Photograph archive of San Francisco Bay fishing in the late 1800s.

Victorian Home Walk around San Francisco
A virtual tour of San Francisco Victorian architecture.

Japanese Town Archives
Images of Japanese-American life in San Francisco before World War II.

San Francisco Population Growth
Maps and data charting San Francisco’s growth from 1853 on, including mapping by ethnic group populations.

San Francisco City Facts

Museum of the City of San Francisco
An online museum with a wealth of information about the Gold Rush, the city’s earthquakes, and a chronology of San Francisco rock from 1965 to 1969.

The History of San Francisco
San Francisco history, such as the filling in of the Marina (with photographs) and the origins of street names, and links to other sites with historical information.

Silicon Valley Web Directory
History of Silicon Valley and the Technology Behind It

Exploratorium Camera

Image of the Golden Gate Bridge from the roof of the Exploratorium in San Francisco, updated every few minutes.

Comparative Journalism

San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner
Backissues to 1995.

New York Times
Current articles and selected archived material.

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