Ecology and Environment

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"Ecology and Environment", pegasus, January 01, 1994,

Expedition Links Ecology & Environment


Tokyo Bay

Environmental Resources

Japan Environment Monitor

Bridge to Japan
Indexes to Japanese Internet resources such as “Nature/Environment.”

Marine Pollution

The News-Journal, EnviroLinks
Articles about the July 1997 oil spill in Tokyo Bay.
Watersheds and Land Use

Boat Trip Down the Sumida River
Photo essay journaling an adventure down the Sumida River through Metropolitan Tokyo, May 1997.

Endangered Species and Bay Wildlife

Yatsu Higata (Yatsu Tidelands)
A photographic essay on one of several wild bird refuges on the heavily industrialized Tokyo Bay.

Whaling history in Japan

The Whaling Debate
Excellent perspective on the Japanese whaling industry.

San Francisco Bay

Environmental Resources

Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems, University of California
Aerial photography and maps of the San Francisco Bay and Delta, and aerial photographs depicting issues in land use and environmental planning around the SF Bay and Delta.

San Francisco Bay Model Visitor Center
Links to online information resources about the Bay’s environment, watersheds, wetlands and other water-related subjects.

State of the Estuary Report Series
Current ecological issues about the San Francisco Bay and Delta.

Mudfellows Resources
A rich source of online resources about the San Francisco Bay’s aquatic environment and a list of related books. Site includes links to local environmental organizations’ web pages.

Marine Pollution

SF Estuary Project
Lists of major habitat types and endangered species, and links to watershed maps.

California Department of Oil Spill Prevention and ResponseNews releases on California oil spills, including maps and photographs.

US Geological Survey
Water quality data in graphical form taken from periodic surveys of the San Francisco Bay.

Environmental Protection Agency
Overview of environmental issues concerning the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary.


Environmental Protection Agency
Surf your watershed! Locate watershed by using state maps, zip codes, or stream names.

The Oakland Museum of California, Creek and Watershed Information Source
A guide to San Francisco Bay Area creeks, including links to map resources.

Oakland Museum of California, Creek and Watershed Information Source
Watershed map of Sausal Creek in Oakland.

San Francisco Estuary Institute
A photographic presentation on the Bay Area’s watershed, wetland ecology and development during periods of heavy precipitation.

US Geological Survey
Information about the San Francisco Bay’s wetlands, including satellite images of the Bay and Delta.

National Weather Service
San Francisco Bay Area climate data and current weather conditions using satellite imagery.

Urban development

Bay Area EcoAtlas
Historic and current maps of the San Francisco Bay and Delta.

US Geological Survey

Urban development map animation of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Endangered Species and Bay Wildlife

State of the Estuary, 1992–1997, SF Estuary Project
A report on the current status of the San Francisco Bay’s ecology, native and non-indigenous species, and dredging.

Interagency Ecological Program for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Estuary
Reports and monitoring programs which study the aquatic wildlife and ecological health of the Sacramento – San Joaquin Estuary.

Marine Science Institute
Environmental education resource on the San Francisco Bay’s ecology and marine wildlife, focusing on endangered wildlife.

Fish of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Estuary
Taxonomic and ecological information on eggs, larvae and juveniles of 125 fish species in the San Francisco Bay estuary.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fishing for Solutions
An exhibit on the critical issues related to overfishing worldwide.

California Department of Fish and Game
San Francisco fish species, with illustrations and habitat maps.

San Francisco Estuary Institute, Exploring the Estuary
An artistic presentation on wetland wildlife, with maps of the Bay’s marshes.

Accidental tourists (non-indigenous species)

San Francisco Estuary Partnership
Challenges facing estuaries, including non-native species introduction.

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