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Tokyo Bay

Tokyo, Water City
Renewed enthusiasm for Tokyo’s waterways and waterfront have led to a clean up of the Sumida River.

Oil spill in Tokyo Bay July 2, 1997
Brief description of the effort to contain a medium-sized oil spill when a tanker hit an underwater reef in Tokyo Bay.

World Wildlife Fund
Press release about the July 1997 oil spill in Tokyo Bay.

Cutter Oil Spill Intelligence Report
A primer on the environmental impacts and remediation of oil spills.

Recycling – A Solution? Coping with Tokyo’s Mountain of Waste
One of the most densely populated metropolitan areas, Tokyo has a huge amount of household waste to use inventively or dump.

San Francisco Bay

What is the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary?

An introduction to the estuary’s formation and ecology.


Current Pollutant Loads and TrendsThe San Francisco Bay’s high pollutant load and efforts to reduce input to the water.

Poison Lurks in Bay Sludge

An examination of the side affects of dredging the San Francisco Bay and what an organization has done to stop illegal dredging.

US Geological Survey Pollution Study
A study on the effects of human-related inputs into the San Francisco Bay. Includes a map of toxic sites surrounding the Bay.

The Danger Beneath 

An overview of the amount of pollutants entering the San Francisco Bay and their effect on the Bay’s residents.

Cutter Oil Spill Intelligence Report
A primer on the environmental impacts and remediation of oil spills.

Endangered Species and Bay Wildlife

Dying Fishery: Sign of Nature in Trouble

After widespread polluting, damming and diverting San Francisco Bay water, a fisherman sees no fishing future in a bay once teeming with marine animals.

Wetlands and Wildlife

A description of the ecological and economical importance of wetland zones for the Bay-Delta system.

Creek’Zine: Tales from the Aquatic Realms
Great articles about Bay Area creeks and watersheds.

Accidental tourists (non-indigenous species)

Bioinvasion Rates

One of the most invaded aquatic environments in the world, the San Francisco Bay is home to an increasing number of non-native organisms and fish.

Bay Invaders Destroy Native Species’ Food

Marine hitchhikers on oceangoing ships are changing the population of the San Francisco Bay.

Nonindigenous Aquatic Species in a United State Estuary:

Biological Invasions of the San Francisco Bay and Delta

The Bay’s International Guest

Information about an Asian clam, now thriving in the San Francisco Bay.


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