Bay-to-Bay Comparison

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"Bay-to-Bay Comparison", pegasus, January 01, 1994,

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Bay-to-Bay Comparison


Category San Francisco Bay Tokyo Bay
Longitude 122.24 W 139.46 E
Latitude 37.48 N 35.40 N
Surface area of bay 1,600 square miles (estuary)
Depth of bay 70% is less than 18 feet, deepest point is 357 feet
Watershed area of bay Drains 40% of California (60,000 square miles and 47% of the state’s total runoff)
Number of fish species Over 120
Major rivers flowing
into bay
Sacramento, San Joaquin Sumida River
Populations of largest cities (1990) San Jose: 782,248
San Francisco: 723,959
Oakland: 372,242
Tokyo: 8.1 million
Year of city’s founding San Francisco: 1850 Tokyo: 1457
Area of city San Francisco: 46.7 sq mi Tokyo: 223 sq mi/578 sq km
Population of metropolitan area 7 million (4th largest in United States) 28 million (largest in Japan, 25% of the country’s population)
Population of country 250 million 123 million
Region’s largest port Oakland Yokohama
Demographics/Ethnic population 1% minority (mostly Korean)
Population density 15,608 37,000 per square mile
Average temperature 58 F° (14 C) 58° F (14 C)
Minimum mean temperature 51° F (11 C) 40° F (4 C)
Maximum mean temperature 63° F (17° C) 79° F (26 C)
Average precipitation 21 inches (79 cm) 57 inches (146 centimeters)
Origin/meaning of
city name
Namesake: St. Francis of Assisi Formerly called Edo; Tokyo means “Eastern Capital”


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