Articles: History and Culture

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Articles History & Culture

Tokyo Bay

Tokyo in Transition
Tokyo portrayed as an organic, ever-changing city racing toward the future.

Tokyo’s Calamities
A brief description of Tokyo as the site of immense calamities throughout history.

Tokyo: Historical and Demographical Overview

“Inconspicuous Revolution” Increasing Woman Power
Gains and outstanding obstacles facing women in Japan in the work place.

Working Women in Japan
A description of changes in Japanese culture and understanding which influences women’s role in the economy.

Risk Management Solutions, Inc.
What if the 1923 earthquake strikes again in Tokyo?

Tokyo’s Cafes, Old and New
A look at the culture within Tokyo’s cosmopolitan cafes.

Bluefin Tuna—Sea Giants in the Japanese Food Market
An excerpt from Song for the Blue Ocean, this text describes the enormous Japanese appetite for a highly prized and expensive fish.

San Francisco Bay

Risk Management Solutions, Inc.
What if the 1906 earthquake strikes again in San Francisco?

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