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"MURAYAMA Yuzo", nuke policy, June 05, 2000,

MURAYAMA Yuzo is Associate Professor in the Department of Area Studies at the Osaka University of Foreign Studies.

He received his BA in Economics from Doshisha University (1975) and his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Economics from the University of Washington (1982-1987).  He has worked at the Nomura Research Institute in both the Tokyo and London offices (1982-1987).  Mr. Murayama was a lecturer at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (1988-1989) and an Associate Professor at the Kansai University of Foreign Studies (1989-1993) before working at Osaka University.

His major publications include Strategy of Techno-System Transformation (NHK, 2000), Amerika no Keizai anzen Hosho Senryaku (The Economic Security Strategy of the United States) (Tokyo and Kyoto: PHP Institute, 1996), Beikoky no Haiteku Heiki to Nihon no Ryoyo Gijutsu (U.S. High-Tech Weapons and Japanese Dual-Use Technologies) (Research Institute for Peace and Security, 1992), Amerika ni Ikita Nihonjin Imin (The Economic History of Japanese Immigrants in the Pacific Northwest) (Tokyo: Toyo Keizai Shinpo-sha, 1989), “A New Balance of Economics and National Security: Interpreting the U.S.-Japan Relationship and Asian Economic Block from a Technology Perspective,” Bulletin of Asia-Pacific Studies, vol. 6, March 1996, and “Dual-Use Technology and Export Controls: An Economic Analysis,” in Gary Bertsch, Richard Cupitt and Takehiko Yamamoto eds., U.S. and Japanese Nonproliferation Export Controls (Lanham: University Press of America, 1996).

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