MURAI Tomohide

Recommended Citation

"MURAI Tomohide", nuke policy, June 05, 2000,

MURAI Tomohide is currently the Chairman of the Program of International Relations at the National Defense Academy.

After receiving his M.A. from The University of Tokyo in 1975, he was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington (1978-1980).  In 1981, he became a Lecturer at the National Defense Academy.  Continuing his work at the National Defense Academy, in 1986 he became an Associate Professor, then Professor (1993) and finally Chairman (1995-current).  His specialty is security problems in East Asia.

His publications include two books: Chinese Politics and International Relations (University of Tokyo Press, 1984), and Essence of Failure: Organizational Study of Japanese Military Forces (Diamond, 1984).

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