Missile Defense Initiative

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"Missile Defense Initiative", nuke policy, July 17, 2001, https://nautilus.org/nuke-policy/missile-defense-initiative/

July 17, 2001

The Nautilus Institute’s Missile Defense Initiative is comprehensively examining missile defense proposals in East Asia, emphasizing the potential strategic, diplomatic and security implications of missile defense deployments in the region and globally. The project foci include long-term regional security relationships, U.S. ambitions to develop strategic (national) missile defenses, evolving conceptions of nuclear deterrence in the post-Cold War era, and global efforts to promote nonproliferation and arms control.

The initiative aims to increase understanding of the issues through a program of collaborative research and analysis by missile defense specialists throughout the world. International forums for presentation of these analyses foster better communication and understanding among specialists and policymakers, and contribute to development of constructive resolutions of conflicting positions.

This work is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund, and the Japan-United States Friendship Commission.


TMD Panel Presentations

East Asia Security Futures Workshop

TMD Implications Workshop


Missile Defenses: Right Militarily, Wrong Politically?
Alexander Pikayev, Russia

BMD, Strategic Relations, and Japan
Hideshi Takesada, Japan
Theater Missile Defense in Asia
Dave Finkelstein, U.S.
US Ballistic Missile Defenses: Implications for Asia
Brad Roberts, U.S.

TMD Workshop Papers
Chinese, Japanese and U.S. Author


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