Li Bin

Recommended Citation

"Li Bin", nuke policy, June 05, 2000,

Li Bin is the founding Director of the Institute of Science and Public Affairs (ISPA) at China Youth College for Political Science. Li established the Institute recently to bring technical insight to the study of issues in international peace, security and development. Its current research topics in the area of international security include: deep nuclear reductions, no-first-use of nuclear weapons, ballistic missile defense and the Missile Technology Control Regime. The Institute also organizes academic and training activities, and works closely with the Nuclear Policy Studies Program at Peking University. Li was previously a senior fellow and director of the arms control groups at the Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics. He was a post-doctoral Fellow in Peace and Security of the Social Science Research Council / Mac Arthur Foundation at the Security Studies Program of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Center for Energy and Environmental Studies of Princeton University.

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