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"HONG Duan", nuke policy, June 05, 2000, https://nautilus.org/nuke-policy/hong-duan/

HONG Duan is an Assistant Research Fellow at the Chinese Institute of International Studies in Beijing, in the Division of International Politics. She received her Undergraduate and Masters degree in International Politics from the Renmin University of China in Beijing. Her research and professional experience has focused on East Asia Security, especially on the US Security policy toward this region and relations among big players in this region.  Some of her publications include, “The Development of Multipolar Idea in the United States,” Beijing: Europe (Bimonthly, December 1998, Vol. 15, No. 6), “Implication of Asian Crisis on East Asian Security,” Beijing: International Studies (Quarterly, October 1998, No. 4), and “The U.S. Strategy toward the Asean Regional Forum (ARF),” (Internal Report for restricted circulation, July 1998.)

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