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"David C. WRIGHT", nuke policy, June 05, 2000, https://nautilus.org/nuke-policy/david-c-wright/

David C. WRIGHT is a senior staff scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists and a research fellow in the Security Studies Program at MIT.

Previously, he was an SSRC-MacArthur Foundation Fellow in International Peace and Security at Harvard’s Center for Science and International Affairs, and a senior arms control analyst at the Federation of American Scientists. His current research includes ballistic missile defenses and technical analysis of ballistic missile development programs. He testified before the Rumsfeld Commission on the North Korean missile program, and has also testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the state of ballistic missile defense technology.

He has also written on international fissile material controls, estimates of Chinese production of plutonium for weapons, and depressed-trajectory ballistic missiles. He served on the Social Science Research Council Committee on International Peace and Security and is currently an associate editor of Science and Global Security. Wright received his Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University.

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