North Korea to Blow up Nuclear Reactor Tower

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"North Korea to Blow up Nuclear Reactor Tower", Nautilus in the News, June 27, 2008,

North Korea to Blow up Nuclear Reactor Tower, Rob Sharp with Peter Hayes, ABC, 27 June 2008

Commenting on recent developments in the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear program, Hayes states: “what is really going on here is that the whole process really amounts to confirming that North Koreans have nuclear weapons at the moment, which is really in their interest and they are saying they are willing to accept a cap of roughly six weapons worth as sufficient to compel the United States and its partners to accept its terms, and to deter American attacks. So in a sense we’re conducting a virtual nuclear test for the North Koreans that saves them another weapons worth of plutonium. We’re moving parts around on the chess board at the moment, not taking them off.”