JAPAN: Daunting task ahead for new PM

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"JAPAN: Daunting task ahead for new PM", Nautilus in the News, September 26, 2007, https://nautilus.org/nautilus-in-the-news/japan-daunting-task-ahead-for-new-pm/

Richard Tanter: JAPAN: Daunting task ahead for new PM, Connect Asia, ABC Radio Australia, 2007-09-26

“Mr Fukuda faces two sets of problems in this area. The one is how do you win the election. The second though is a much deeper one than the prevarication in the LDP, it’s turning from one leader to another is a sign that the old system in Japan is dead, but a new one has not yet emerged. The election next year promises to be the first time that an Opposition with some teeth might actually tackle the LDP seriously. Mr Fukuda doesn’t have too many domestic options as well and I think the importance in negotiating Mr Ozawa.