Concerns remain despite NKorea nuclear dismantling

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"Concerns remain despite NKorea nuclear dismantling", Nautilus in the News, November 11, 2007,

Peter Hayes: Concerns remain despite NKorea nuclear dismantling, Connect Asia, ABC Radio Australia, 2007-11-11.

“The North Koreans are taking a very stringent line of this and that’s not surprising and I think that’ll be the be the case all the way through the disablement and ultimate dismantlement process,”

“There are power plants operating in North Korea for the first time in six years because of the heavy fuel oil that has begun to flow back into North Korea, it is small change but it is already resulting in the freezing of their plutonium activities. That benefit flow will ratchet up in a very strict sequence with their disablement and actual dismantlement process, but we’re a long way from that point at this time.”