China’s weapons test

Recommended Citation

"China’s weapons test", Nautilus in the News, January 23, 2007,

Richard Tanter: China’s weapons test, Viewpoint, News in Depth, ABC Radio National, 2007-01-23

“One of the difficulties at the moment is that while the Chinese test is in itself reprehensible, the Chinese have been asking the United States to negotiate on this matter, and the Bush administration, perhaps of all American post-war administrations, has been the most reluctant to even begin to think about arms control – in this case, arms control in space, which not only China but many other countries including the European Union have been calling for. It’s very important that we take this startling Chinese test as a reminder to us all of the importance of resuming negotiations about an end to the militarisation of space as a whole – China, the United States, Russia and other countries.”