Weekly Report October 31- November 4 2005

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"Weekly Report October 31- November 4 2005", NAPSNet Weekly Report, November 04, 2005, https://nautilus.org/napsnet/napsnet-weekly/weekly-report-october-31-november-4-2005/

HKH Foundation Supports Nautilus with a $50,000 Grant

The HKH Foundation, which funds organizations that seek to change the terms of debate and work to address the source of a problem rather than ameliorating its symptoms, donated $50,000 to the Nautilus Institute to support its general program work.

The HKH Foundation

South Korea’s Blueprint for Economic Cooperation with the DPRK

The Institute of Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University released this report on inter-Korean economic cooperation. The report states: “As a joint agreement founded on the goal of resolving the North Korean nuclear issues has been adopted, in South Korea, the spotlight will now largely shine on South Korea’s plans for developing inter-Korean economic cooperation.

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North Korea’s State Ration System

Bong Dae Choi and Kab Woo Koo, researchers at Kyungnam University, write: “The mid- to late-80s saw the sidelining of farmers’ markets due to government regulations while at the same time, saw the emergence of black markets increase their importance. The presiding factors over the sideline activities and reemergence of farmers’ markets were the physical change in the state distribution system and the binding power of the intangible anti-market sentiment… We will have to wait and see how the latest reversal in policy is seen by the marketeers of North Korea.”

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FOIA Report: Commander In Chief US Pacific Command History 1982

This report discusses chemical weapon defense and retaliation (page 201) as well as a “Study of Chemical Warfare in Korea” that was prepared by the Institute for Defense Analyses (page 207). The history discusses exercises like TEAM SPIRIT 82 (pages 337-342, 444-447, 708-710), VALIANT USHER 82-7, an amphibious assault exercise near Pohang (pages 342-343), and ULCHI FOCUS LENS (343-345, 711-712). There are details on the status of Operation Plans (OPLANS) on page 137-146. This report assesses Soviet nuclear forces in the Pacific (page 69-70). The report compares the ROK and DPRK ground, naval, and air forces (page 75) and assesses DPRK military preparedness (page 73-76). The report notes the shift in US nuclear strategy to target Soviet military targets and military command centers rather than cities (page 190). Responsibilities for the PACOM Nuclear Planning Group are noted on page 194. The report details the defection of US PFC White to the DPRK in August of 1982 and the defection of PRC pilot Capt O Yong Kun to the ROK in October 1982 (pages 387-389).

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NAPSNet Top Story: U.S. Mulls Team to Discuss Korea Peace Treaty

Chosun Ilbo reported that the US government could form a working-level team that would discuss a permanent peace treaty with the DPRK to replace the armistice that halted the Korean War, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun reported. The Yomiuri said Washington wanted Tokyo, which was not a party to the Korean War, to become more actively involved in discussions on the peace framework, but Seoul strongly opposed this.

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