Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 21 May 2015

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"Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 21 May 2015", NAPSNet Weekly Report, May 21, 2015,

  • DETERRENCE: Pentagon report: China deploys MIRV missile
  • DPRK: South announces new aid for North
  • GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: South Korea: Sentenced to life: Conscientious objectors in South Korea
  • CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Human cost of natural disasters: a global perspective
  • AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: B-1 bombers brouhaha: minor dispute, big rift

deterrence imageDETERRENCE: Pentagon report: China deploys MIRV missile, Hans Kristensen, FAS Blog (11 May 2015)

US DOD states China has deployed 3+ MIRVs on maybe 20 DF-5 Mod 3 silo-launched ICBMs. It may MIRV mobile missiles soon. The MIRV-ICBM club is now five (China, UK, France, Russia, US). Why now? To offset US and Russian missile and warhead modernization, innovation, and deployments; and to compete for great power status.

DPRK: South announces new aid for North, Jang Jin-kyu, Joongang Daily (20 May 2015)

North Korea’s food situation and external activities were often strongly correlated; poor harvests in North Korea would lead to North Korea creating a military disturbance and receiving food in return. However, North Korea appears to be less concerned about receiving food and more concerned with other domestic matters including maintaining autonomy. The new condition is more likely due to reassessments of its security situation and possibly related to minor gains in efficiency in utilizing or distributing foodtstuffs.

governance imageGOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: South Korea: Sentenced to life: Conscientious objectors in South Korea, Amnesty International (13 May 2015)

Amnesty International released a report concerning the challenges faced by conscientious objectors to the ROK’s mandatory military service, with the ROK leading the world in the number of conscientious objectors jailed. Simultaneous to the report’s release, a ROK regional court acquitted a conscientious objector. Perhaps the ROK will be pushed again to consider a bill on alternative service that has been avoided since 2007.

image for 19 may 2015CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Human cost of natural disasters: a global perspective, The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED), Brussels (2015) [6.28 MB, PDF]

The review of disaster impacts (for last 20 years) reveals that there is still much progress to be made on tackling the underlying drivers of risk such as poverty and more proximal factors. We need to have better understanding of the specific risks that link negative impacts to disaster events. Sound studies are urgently required that may provide such evidence on ways in which disasters affect individuals, families and communities.

CSIS-AMTI (identified) - Fiery Cross ship 18 March 2015CSIS-AMTI - Fiery Cross ship 18 March 2015CSIS-AMTI - Fiery Cross ship 18 March 2015Austral imageAUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: B-1 bombers brouhaha: minor dispute, big rift, Hugh White, The Age (19 May 2015)

Australian defence advisors are now split on how – and whether – to support US calls for alliance support from Australia over who or what will freeze China’s reclamation in the South China Sea? The SOP answer is get on board the USS Victory. Another is “nothing, really. China’s strategy is simply brilliant”. One possibility, hitherto unlikely, is that the Abbott government is already wavering, and the US is not amused.

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