NAPSNET Week in Review 4 February, 2000

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Korean Peninsula

1. US-DPRK Talks

The US and the DPRK concluded their talks in Geneva with an agreement to send a senior DPRK official to Washington in March, although the exact timing and identity of the delegation will be worked out in further talks later this month. The US is holding out the possibility of removing the DPRK from the State Department list of terrorist nations.
“DPRK-US Talks” (Daily Report, February 3)
“DPRK High-level US Visit” (Daily Report, US, February 2)
“DPRK High-level US Visit” (Daily Report, ROK, February 2)
“DPRK-US Dialogue” (Daily Report, PRC, February 2)
“US-DPRK Talks” (Daily Report, US, January 31)
“DPRK-US Talks” (Daily Report, US, January 31)
“Fact Sheet on US Sanctions against DPRK”

2. DPRK-Japan Relations

Japanese newspapers have reported that the DPRK and Japan will resume normalization talks in April. Topics for discussion are likely to include the alleged abduction of Japanese citizens by DPRK agents, and the resumption of Japanese food aid to the DPRK.
“Japanese Policy toward DRPK” (Daily Report, February 4)
“DPRK-Japan Normalization Talks” (Daily Report, January 31)
“DPRK-Japan Relations” (Daily Report, January 31)

3. DPRK-ROK Talks

In the aftermath of the recent US-DPRK talks, the ROK is expected to step up its bid to get the DPRK to agree to a summit meeting this spring between ROK President Kim Dae-jung and DPRK leader Kim Jong-il. ROK newspapers reported that Hyundai founder Chung Ju-young may raise the issue in his upcoming visit with Kim Jong-il.
“DPRK-ROK Relations” (Daily Report, February 3)
“ROK-DPRK Talks” (Daily Report, January 31)
“ROK-DPRK Economic Cooperation” (Daily Report, January 31)

4. DPRK Diplomacy

Australia announced that it would send a senior delegation to the DPRK this month. France sent a four-member Foreign Ministry delegation to the DPRK on Tuesday.
“DPRK-Australia Talks” (Daily Report, February 3)
DPRK-France Relations” (Daily Report, January 31)

5. Remains of US Soldiers

The DPRK claimed this week that it had unearthed the remains of more than 400 US soldiers killed during the Korean War, but US authorities reacted skeptically.
“Remains of US Soldiers from Korean War” (Daily Report, February 4)
“US Soldiers Remains in DPRK” (Daily Report, February 2)
“Remains of US Soldiers from Korean War” (Daily Report, February 1)
“Remains of US Soldiers from Korean War” (Daily Report, January 31)

6. Light-Water Reactor Project

The DPRK complained of delays in the construction of two light-water nuclear reactors, blaming the delays for fostering an energy shortage in the DPRK. Officials from the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO), however, said that the project is on track, and is contributing to peace in the region.
“DPRK Energy Shortage” (Daily Report, February 4)
“Light-Water Reactor Project” (Daily Report, February 4)
“Light-Water Reactor Project” (Daily Report, February 3)
“DPRK Light-Water Reactor Project” (NPP Flash, v2n3)
“DPRK Energy Sector: Current Status and Scenarios for 2000 and 2005”

7. ROK Missile Development

US and ROK officials will meet in Hawaii next week to discuss the ROK’s desire to increase its missile range.
“US-ROK Missile Talks” (Daily Report, February 4)
“ROK-US Missile Talks” (Daily Report, February 3)
“Early Indicators: ROK-Long Range Missile Capabilities”

Taiwan Straits

8. Taiwan Security Enhancement Act

The US House of Representatives passed the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act by a vote of 341-70. The White House warned that the act could damage US-PRC ties, and President Bill Clinton is expected to veto the bill if it passes the Senate. The PRC denounced the act as interference in its internal affairs, while Taiwan welcomed the initiative.
“Taiwan Security Enhancement Act”
“US Legislation on Taiwan” (Daily Report, February 4)
“US Legislation on Taiwan” (Daily Report, February 2)
“PRC-US Relations” (Daily Report, February 2)
“US Legislation on Taiwan” (Daily Report, February 1)
“White House View” (Daily Report, February 1)
“Taiwan View” (Daily Report, February 1)
“PRC View” (Daily Report, February 1)
“Commentary” (Daily Report, February 1)

9. Japan-Taiwan Relations

The PRC warned Japan that allowing Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui to visit, even after he leaves office, would cause major damage to PRC-Japan relations. Hisahiko Okazaki argues in the Daily Yomiuri that the status quo in Taiwan has become untenable.
“Japan-Taiwan Relations” (Daily Report, US, February 4)
“Japan-Taiwan Relations” (Daily Report, Japan, February 4)
“Taiwan Straits” (NPP Flash, v2n3)

10. Taiwan Missile Defense

Taiwan Defense Minister Tang Fei said that Taiwan plans to build a low-level anti-missile defense system.
“Taiwan Missile Defense” (Daily Report, February 1)
“Taiwan Military Purchases” (Daily Report, January 31)

People’s Republic of China

11. PRC Military Strategy

The US Defense Department published a book of translations of recent Chinese writings on defense strategy. Stratfor and Rand Corporation both issued analyses of the PRC’s military doctrine.
“PRC Military Planning” (Daily Report, February 2)
“PRC Military” (NPP Flash, v2n3)

South Asia

12. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Indian newspapers said that Parliament is unlikely to take action on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treat (CTBT) soon, while Pakistan said that its decision will be in “the best national interest.” Japan said that it will not resume aid to India and Pakistan until they sign the CTBT.
“India: CTBT and Nuclear Policy” (SANDNet)
“Pakistan: CTBT and Nuclear Policy” (SANDNet)
“Japan’s Policy toward India and Pakistan” (Daily Report, February 4)

Spratly Islands

13. PRC-Philippines Fishing Dispute

The PRC called on the Philippines to release Chinese fishing boats seized in the waters near the disputed Scarborough Shoal. The Philippines said that the boats were violating international law and intruding on Philippine territory. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) said that it would meet with the PRC this month to discuss a code of conduct for the area.
“Spratly Islands Dispute” (Daily Report, February 4)
“Spratly Islands Dispute” (Daily Report, February 3)
“Spratly Islands Dispute” (Daily Report, February 2)
“Spratly Islands Disputes” (Daily Report, February 1)

Missile Defense

14. US-NATO Disagreement

Recent NATO meetings revealed differences between European and US officials on US plans to build a missile defense system. US Secretary of Defense William Cohen expressed concern that Russia and the PRC may use the dispute to drive a wedge in NATO. CIA Director George Tenet testified before Congress on missile threats to the US.
“European Views of US Missile Defense” (NPP FLASH, v2n3)
“US Missile Defense” (Daily Report, February 4)
“US Views of Missile Threats” (Daily Report, February 3)

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