NAPSNET Week in Review 16 March, 2000

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"NAPSNET Week in Review 16 March, 2000", NAPSNet Weekly Report, March 16, 2000,

Korean Peninsula

1. DPRK-Japan Talks

The DPRK agreed on March 13 to investigate missing Japanese that Japan suspects were kidnapped by DPRK agents. Japan for its part agreed to provide food aid and to investigate the whereabouts of Koreans who went missing in Japan before 1945.
“DPRK-Japan Talks” (Daily Report, March 15, ROK)
“PRC View of DPRK-Japanese Talks” (Daily Report, March 15, PRC)
“DPRK-Japanese Talks” (Daily Report, March 14, ROK)
“DPRK-Japan Talks” (Daily Report, March 13, US)
“DPRK Relations with US and Japan” (Daily Report, March 16, ROK)

2. US-DPRK Talks

Talks between the US and the DPRK aimed at arranging for a high-level DPRK visit to Washington broke up on Wednesday without agreement.
“US-DPRK Talks” (Daily Report, March 16, US)
“DPRK-US Talks” (Daily Report, March 15, ROK)
“US-DPRK Terrorism Talks” (Daily Report, March 13, US)
“DPRK-US Talks” (Daily Report, March 13, US)

3. ROK-DPRK Talks

The DPRK rejected an earlier proposal made by ROK President Kim Dae-jung in Berlin that the two sides resume government-to-government dialogue. ROK officials, however, said that the response contained some positive notes.
“DPRK-ROK Dialogue” (Daily Report, March 16, ROK)
“ROK-DPRK Relations” (Daily Report, March 15, ROK)
“ROK-DPRK Talks” (Daily Report, March 14, US)
“DPRK-ROK Dialogue” (Daily Report, March 13, ROK)
“Meeting of DPRK and ROK Ministers” (Daily Report, March 13, ROK)

4. PRC-DPRK Relations

DPRK Foreign Minister Paek Nam-sun is scheduled to visit the PRC March 18-22. Paek will also travel to Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam.
“DPRK-PRC Relations” (Daily Report, March 13, ROK)
“PRC-DPRK Relations” (Daily Report, March 15, PRC)
“DPRK-Malaysia Relations” (Daily Report, March 16, ROK)

5. ROK-US Talks

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with visiting ROK Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Lee Joung-binn to discuss the DPRK and other issues of mutual interest.
“Albright-Lee Press Briefing” (Special Report)

6. US Troops in ROK

US Army General Thomas Schwartz, Commander of US Forces-Korea, told the US Congress that US troops in the ROK needed greater defense against a possible missile attack. Stratfor analyzes a recent ROK Defense Ministry report that called on the ROK to prepare for the possibility of eventual US troop withdrawal. Bradley Martin warns of the dangers inherent in a US withdrawal.
“US Forces in ROK” (Daily Report, March 16, US)
“ROK Military Development” (NPP Flash, V. 2 N. 9)
“The What-If Question” (Policy Forum Online 00-02C)

7. ROK-Japan Military Talks

Cho Yung-kil, chairman of the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) met his Japanese counterpart Yuji Fujinawa on March 15 and agreed to expand bilateral military exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.
“ROK-Japan Military Talks” (Daily Report, March 16, ROK)

Taiwan Straits

8. Taiwan Elections

A PRC professor warned that if a candidate who supports Taiwan’s independence wins the Taiwan presidential election this weekend, the PRC could respond within “a few hours.” US analysts agreed that the aftermath of the election is likely to bring increased tension across the Taiwan Straits, but few saw a military confrontation as immanent.
“PRC View of Taiwan Elections” (Daily Report, March 16, US)
“US Views of Cross-Straits Tensions” (Daily Report, March 16, US)

9. US Military Sales to Taiwan

PRC Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan blamed US arms sales to Taiwan for the continuance of tensions across the Taiwan Straits.
“US Arms Sales to Taiwan” (Daily Report, March 13, US)
“PRC View of Missile Sale to Taiwan” (Daily Report, March 15, PRC)

10. US Defense Secretary’s Hong Kong Trip

US Secretary of Defense William Cohen said in Hong Kong on March 12 that the PRC and Taiwan should refrain from belligerent rhetoric. He also expressed doubts over the effectiveness of applying the “one country, two systems” formula in use in Hong Kong to Taiwan.
“US View of Cross-Straits Tensions” (Daily Report, March 13, US)

People’s Republic of China

11. PRC Military

The Washington Times quoted a classified Defense Intelligence Agency report as saying that the PRC most recently launched satellite is designed to integrate communications and control networks throughout the PRC military. The Center for Defense Information argues that, despite recent acquisitions, the PRC Navy has a long way to go before it is effective for anything other than coastal defense.
“PRC Satellite Development” (Daily Report, March 16, US)
“PRC Naval Buildup” (NPP Flash, V. 2 N. 9)
“PLA Modernization” (Daily Report, March 15, PRC)

12. Spratly Islands

The PRC and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreed to develop a code of conduct for the disputed Spratly islands. The PRC, however, warned ASEAN nations against military buildups or joint maneuvers in the area.
“Spratly Islands” (Daily Report, March 16, US)
“Spratly Islands” (Daily Report, March 15, US)

13. PRC-Russian Security Cooperation

US analysts warned that the PRC and Russia are attempting to strengthen their security cooperation to counter US power.
“PRC-Russian Security Cooperation” (Daily Report, March 14, US)

14. PRC-India Security Talks

Stratfor argues that despite the recent PRC-India security talks, divergent strategic interests will prevent long-term cooperation between the two countries.
“PRC-India Security Talks” (NPP Flash, V. 2 N. 9)
“India-China Relations” (South Asia Nuclear Dialogue)


15. US Troops in Japan

US Defense Secretary William Cohen traveled to Japan this week to meet with Japanese officials. The talks were expected to focus on the issue of burden-sharing for the cost of US troops stationed in Japan.
“US Defense Secretary’s Asia Trip” (Daily Report, March 16, US)
“US Troops in Japan” (Daily Report, March 13, US)


16. Australian Policy toward Asia

The Australian published a series of articles on Australia’s policy towards and relations with Asia. Topics included the East Timor peacekeeping operations, Australia’s role in Asia vis-a-via the US, and Australian relations with the PRC, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.
“Australia” (Daily Report, March 15)

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