NAPSNet 28 July 2011

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NAPSNet 28 July 2011


DETERRENCE:  Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army, and the struggle with nature, Project2049 Institute (23 May2011) [PDF, 2.8MB]

The US should leverage Taiwan’s natural disaster management experience, establish climate change as a core component to the unofficial US-Taiwan relationship, develop early warning, recovery, and response technologies that create “dual use” resilience supporting military security and confidence building measures with China. 

GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Seoul may act on planned Ulleungdo visit by Japanese lawmakers, Korea Herald (17 July 2011)

Following a Korean Airlines (KAL) test flight around the disputed island of Dokdo, the Japanese Foreign Ministry has called the flight a territorial violation and requested that state employees boycott KAL. Seoul has asked Tokyo to revoke this ban. The Korean government strongly opposes Japanese plans for lawmakers to visit Ulleungdo, Dokdo’s neighboring island; tensions between the two states appear to be intensifying. 

DPRK: North Korean official to visit US for preliminary talks, Christian Science Monitor (25 July 2011)

DPRK Vice Foreign Minister Kim Gae Gwan accepted an invitation to travel to the US this week for an “exploratory meeting” to see if resumed negotiations on the DPRK’s nuclear program are possible. Meanwhile, the DPRK continues to build the infrastructure to support future rocket launches and may be preparing for a large military drill on July 27. According to KCNA, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un also visited Navy Command in Pyongyang on the 25th.

AUSTRAL SECURITY: N Korea a threat, cautions Rudd, SMH (25 July 2011)

Speaking at a press conference at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the East Asia Summit, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd warned that North Korea was a direct threat to Australia and the region. On the sidelines of the security summit North Korea has indicated that it is ready to resume six party talks, these articles examine potential pitfalls of negotiations.

ENERGY SECURITY: Rise of energy-saving LEDs in lighting market seen as unstoppable, SolveClimate News (20 July 2011)

Writing for SolveClimate News, Maria Gallucci quotes analysts and industry experts as saying that Republican efforts to derail the implementation of US lighting efficiency standards will not significantly slow the growth markets for high-efficiency LED lighting products. LED sales growth is expected to average over 80%/yr over the next three years, and LED products can save over 90% of energy use in some applications, relative to standard bulbs.

CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Infrastructure, engineering and climate change adaptation – ensuring services in an uncertain future, Royal Academy of Engineering (February 2011) [PDF, 0.99 MB]      

The Royal Academy of Engineering examines vulnerabilities to the effects of climate change within four UK infrastructure sectors (energy, transport, water, and communications), and the modifications that would be needed to increase resilience. They consider the infrastructure system as a whole and vulnerabilities, which arise as a result of interdependencies between different sectors.


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