NAPSNet 15 March 2012

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DETERRENCE:  A Northeast Asia nuclear weapon free zone with a three-plus-three arrangement, Hiromichi Umebayashi, NAPSNet Special Report (13 March 2012)

Umebayashi concludes that it is neither necessary nor appropriate to delay the consideration of a Northeast Asia NWFZ until after the DPRK discontinues its nuclear program.

DPRK: Anti-S. Korea campaign solidifying Kim Jong Un`s power, Dong-A Ilbo, (6 March 2012)

The DPRK threatened to wage a “sacred and offensive war” against the South in response to ROK military units criticizing Kim Jong-Un and using DPRK flags for target practice. General Jung Seung-Jo, chairman of the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a group of naval officers to “launch [an] immediate and strong retaliation with all available weapons” in response to a North Korean attack. US/ROK joint military exercises will continue through April.

CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Adaptation to climate change by organizations, Frans Berkhout, WIREs Climate Change, vol. 3, pp. 91–106 (2012) [PDF, 177 KB]

Five questions are important to be examined: what models of organizational adaptation to climate variability and change exist in the literature? How do organizations adapt? What factors encourage or inhibit organizational adaptation? What is the evidence of organizational adaptation? And what could be the role of public policy in enabling organizational adaptation?

ENERGY SECURITY: Fukushima in review: A complex disaster, a disastrous response, Yoichi Funabashi and Kay Kitazawa, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (1 March 2012) [PDF, 127 KB]

An independent panel established by the Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation reviewed responses of the Japanese government, TEPCO, and other organizations to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The panel found those involved “thoroughly unprepared on almost every level for the cascading nuclear disaster,” due in part to “a public myth of ‘absolute safety’” nurtured by nuclear proponents and “dysfunction” in political leadership and crisis management.

GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: N. Korea vows to keep its nuke promises: Senator, Matthew Pennington, Associated Press (9 March 2012)

The DPRK will pursue friendly ties with and follow through on the recent agreement reached with the US, in which UN inspectors will visit DPRK nuclear sites in exchange for food aid, according to statements made to a US senator at an informal track 2 conference held in New York last week. However, relations between the two Koreas remain tense, with a ROK delegation physically confronting a DPRK minister at a UN human rights meeting held in Geneva.

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