NAPSNet 11 August 2011

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NAPSNet 11 August 2011

DETERRENCE: S.Korea, U.S. to practice destroying N.Korean WMDs, Chosun Ilbo (8 August 2011)

350 counter-WMD troops from the ROK and the U.S. Army 20th Support Command are scheduled August 16-29 to practice locating and destroying North Korean weapons of mass destruction during exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian. The DPRK military protested against “nuclear war maneuvers” and called for their cancellation to help denuclearize Korea and end the Korean war.

DPRK: U.S. asks about recovering remains, Joong-Ang Ilbo (8 August 2011)

The US military has proposed talks with the North Korean People’s Army on resuming MIA-POW joint recovery operations. The US Department of Defense made the proposal this week after a recommendation from the North Korea. Joint Recovery options were suspended by the US in 2005. Joint Recovery Operations build confidence in US-DPRK relations as the DPRK believes that the US will not attack North Korea if there are American field teams inside the country.

ENERGY SECURITY: Future fission: Why Japan won’t abandon nuclear power, Global Asia (June 2011)

Daniel P. Aldrich explores the impact of the “amakudari” culture of entrenched relationships between Japan’s nuclear industry and its regulators on establishment and enforcement of regulations for the industry.  Despite current public outcry, the government’s forty-plus years of institutional support for nuclear energy means that a significant long-term change in Japan’s nuclear-focused energy plans is highly unlikely.

CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: When not every response to climate change is a good one: Identifying principles for sustainable adaptation, Climate and Development (1 January 2011) [PDF, 258.9KB]     

Siri Eriksen et al. outline four principles that can guide adaptation responses in a manner that support sustainability. Sustainable adaptation should (1) recognize the context of vulnerability, including multiple stressors, (2) acknowledge that different values and interests affect adaptation outcomes, (3) integrate local knowledge into adaptation responses and (4) consider potential feedbacks between local and global processes.   

GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Japan renews Dokdo claim after lawmakers expelled, Joong Ang Daily (3 Aug 2011)

Japan’s 2011 Defense White Papers have renewed territorial conflicts with China and South Korea over territory in the South China Sea and the Dokdo Islets, respectively. South Korea and China both strongly opposed Japan’s claims, with China calling them “irresponsible.” Further, as Japan prepares to adopt new middle school textbooks next year, many fear that Japanese history will be portrayed in an overly nationalistic light.

AUSTRAL SECURITY: Military urged to defend Antarctic territory, Age (8 August 2011)

As the competition for Antarctic energy resources heats up, Australia is urged to defend its claim to Antarctic territory in future military planning. The following reports and articles examine Australia’s Antarctic territory policy, and the potential resource conflict in the region.


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