Press Release by US Senator Jack Reed, Democrat-Rhode Island

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Jack Reed, "Press Release by US Senator Jack Reed, Democrat-Rhode Island", NAPSNet Special Reports, September 07, 1999,

September 7, 1999

This is the sixth in an ongoing series of articles on the crisis in East Timor. This report is a statement from US Senator Jack Reed, Democrat-Rhode Island, who just returned from a trip to East Timor.


Press Release by US Senator Jack Reed, Democrat-Rhode Island

Statement by Senator Jack Reed On Election in East Timor Saturday, September 4, 1999 “This week the people of East Timor have demonstrated that the vote is indeed more powerful than the army and the forces of intimidation. While I am pleased that the election was held and the results reflect the will of the people, I am deeply disturbed by the violence that continues to escalate in East Timor. As agreed to by the government of the Indonesia, it is the responsibility of Indonesian military forces to provide security for all East Timorese. Failure to protect the people and United Nations workers will have a severe detrimental impact on Indonesia’s relations with the United States and the international community. It will also significantly increase the likelihood of the introduction of international forces.” “The government of Indonesian should also understand that the United States will act swiftly to protect U.S. citizens and will cooperate with the international community to take any steps necessary to protect United Nations personnel.” Reed recently traveled to East Timor where he was briefed by officials of the United Nations in Dili and the western towns of Malianos and Suai on the preparation for the August 30th vote. He also met with East Timorese officials and spoke with members of both the pro-independence and pro- integrationist movements.


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