Press Release by US Representative Benjamin Gilman, Republican-New York

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Ben Gilman, "Press Release by US Representative Benjamin Gilman, Republican-New York", NAPSNet Special Reports, September 07, 1999,

September 7, 1999

This is the seventh in an ongoing series of articles on the crisis in East Timor.  The following is a statement by US Representative Benjamin Gilman, Republican New York, chairman of the House International 
Relations Committee. 


Press Release by US Representative Benjamin Gilman, Republican-New 

Statement on East Timor 
by Rep. Ben Gilman Chairman House International Relations Committee 
September 7, 1999

"What is happening in East Timor today is nothing short of ethnic 
cleansing.  The Indonesian government should act quickly to restore order 
to the island and end another tragic episode in East Timor's history. 

"There could be grave consequences for Indonesia's relations with the 
United States if appropriate steps are not taken to control renegade 
police, militias and armed forces.  

"As a last resort, the international community should be prepared to 
assist in the restoration of order to stop this senseless violence 
against the East Timorese.   

"I call upon the Government of Indonesia to abide by its commitment to 
respect the results of the referendum and the rights of the East Timorese 
to a peaceful transition to independence. 

"When the situation stabilizes, I will urge the Congress and the 
administration to provide ample humanitarian assistance to the long-
suffering people of East Timor. 

"I am calling upon President Clinton to raise this issue at the 
forthcoming APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Forum in New 

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