MRBM’s in the Pacific

NAPSNet Special Report

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"MRBM’s in the Pacific", NAPSNet FOIA Document Special Reports, July 17, 2012,

Publisher/Sponsor: Ballistic Systems Division and Aerospace Corporation
Supplier: Air Force Systems Command
Report Date: 6/15/1965
Document Number: 65-BSRAW-25 … 367248 … 54401-0752-SR-00
Classification: Declassified


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This 1965 report, prepared by the Norton Air Force Base Ballistic Systems Division, was commissioned by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to analyze the utility of deploying Medium Range Ballistic Missiles in the Pacific Theater. The report states, “The Secretary of Defense has displayed renewed Interest in the utility of MMRBMs … [and] has directed a study to determine optimum characteristics and employment of MMRBM-type weapon systems for maximum effectiveness in the Pacific Theater. This study is to define optimum and alternative weapon system characteristics, operational concepts, force sizes, deployment schemes and development schedules and costs. Impacts upon overall DOD and air force budgets and force structures must be considered. [This] study will be used in developing air force position on most effective mix of weapons and forces to counter increasing Chinese Communist threat to U.S. and friendly nations in the Pacific and Southeast Asia areas…”

The report concludes that “the Flexible Theater Missile provides the optimum capability to satisfy both the political and military requirements. If political considerations dictate an early deterrent and show of force, the A-1 missile system could be used as an interim capability.”

This report was released to the Nautilus Institute under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).