Consideration of the Possibility of Deep Borehole Disposal in Japan

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"Consideration of the Possibility of Deep Borehole Disposal in Japan", NAPSNet Special Reports, March 12, 2013,

by Tomochika Tokunaga

March 12, 2013

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I. Introduction
II. Report by Tomochika Tokunaga
III. Nautilus invites your responses

I. Introduction

In the following report, Tomochika Tokunaga provides an overview of the applicability of deep borehole disposal for radioactive waste in Japan. Tokunaga summarizes the history of deep drilling activities in Japan, the present high-level radioactive wastes disposal program, and describes the general concept of deep borehole disposal. Possible problems for deep borehole disposal related to the active migration of deep-seated fluids and stress conditions in and around Japan are also discussed.

Tomochika Tokunaga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environment Systems, University of Tokyo.

The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Nautilus Institute. Readers should note that Nautilus seeks a diversity of views and opinions on significant topics in order to identify common ground.

II. Report by Tomochika Tokunaga

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III. Nautilus invites your responses

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