Price Differentials for Low-Sulfur Fuels

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David Von Hippel, "Price Differentials for Low-Sulfur Fuels", NAPSNet Policy Forum, November 01, 1996,

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TABLE 2-2: Price Differentials for Low-Sulfur Fuels

Low-Sulfur Fuel Type Price difference ($ US/GJ-%S)n Typical Heating Value (GJ/tonne) Cost (US $) per tonne SO2 removed
Hard coal and coke, 0.6% S 0.34 27 482o
Heavy fuel oil, 0.6% S 0.54 41.5 1111
Diesel-redn. To 0.3% S 0.84 42.5 1784
Diesel-redn. To 0.05% S 2.52 42.5 5352


n. Dollars per gigajoule of fuel energy and per percent of sulfur reduced compared to the original fuel. One gigajoule (GJ) is one billion (109) joules. For purposes of comparison, 34 kg of (standard) coal or 31 liters of gasoline have an energy content of about one gigajoule.

o. Calculated (by the original source) assuming that 5 percent of fuel sulfur remains in the ash after combustion. From Technological Alternatives to Reduce Acid Gas and Related Emissions from Energy-Sector Activities in Northeast Asia by David Von Hippel


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