NAPSNet Daily Report 22 July, 1998

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"NAPSNet Daily Report 22 July, 1998", NAPSNet Daily Report, July 22, 1998,


I. United States

I. United States


1. US MIAs from Korean War

The Associated Press (“N. KOREA TO RETURN REMAINS TO U.S.,” Seoul, 07/22/98) reported that the UN Command said in a statement Wednesday that the DPRK will return several sets of remains believed to be those of US soldiers killed in the Korean War. The remains will be turned over Friday at Panmunjom. The statement said that the remains were discovered by a joint US-DPRK recovery team.


2. Taiwan-PRC Relations

The Associated Press (Annie Huang, “TAIWAN LEADER TALKS REUNIFICATION,” Taipei, 07/22/98) reported that Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui said Wednesday that reunification of Taiwan and the PRC must be accomplished on democratic principles. Lee stated, “China must be reunified. However, this reunification must be under a system of democracy, freedom and equitable prosperity that will safeguard the rights and interests of all Chinese.” He added, “Reunification of China should proceed in a gradual and orderly fashion. When conditions are ripe, success will come naturally.” Lee also urged strengthening Taiwan-US relations as the US improves its ties with the PRC in order to ensure peace and prosperity in the Asian-Pacific region.


3. US-Pakistan Nuclear Talks

Reuters (“PAKISTAN: U.S. MOVE ON IMF MAKES TALKS EASIER,” New Delhi, 07/21/98) reported that Pakistan Finance Minister Sartaj Aziz said Tuesday that the US decision not to block a resumption of International Monetary Fund (IMF) lending to Pakistan had removed an impediment in nuclear talks with the US. Aziz stated, “Obviously this would have been one negative part in the negotiation because this was totally unjustified.” The US said on Tuesday that it would abstain when the IMF next debated loans for Pakistan.


4. Indian Seat on UN National Security Council

US State Department Spokesman James Rubin (“STATE DEPARTMENT NOON BRIEFING, JULY 21,” Washington, USIA Transcript, 07/21/98) stated that the US opposes permanent membership for Indian on the UN Security Council. Rubin stated, “Secretary Albright has been very clear on that. India is not going to blow its way onto the Security Council as a permanent member. All it has done by conducting these explosions is to harm and make impossible, in the current circumstances, India joining the Security Council as a permanent member.” He pointed out that the countries that the US has supported for Security Council membership, Germany and Japan, have forsworn nuclear weapons and are members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. He added, “So there is no relationship between having nuclear weapons and American support for permanent membership.”

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