Axiom 5

Recommended Citation

"Axiom 5", Global Problem Solving, December 10, 1999,

axiom 1 – metcalf’s law

axiom 2 – early entrants win the field

axiom 3 – significance precedes momentum

axiom 4 – standards as power

axiom 5 – producer and consumer utility

axiom 6 – gatekeepers, intermediaries, and the attention deficit

axiom 7 – positive feedback loops

axiom 8 – differentiation of products and pricing

axiom 9 – switching costs and lock-in

axiom 10 – free information: cooperation in a competitive environment


Axiom 5 – Producer and Consumer Utility

Your reward = total value added to industry multiplied by your share of industry value. (Shapiro and Varian, 198)

Consumer utility of information = parsimony, timeliness, and quality; UI = P,T,Q(Hunter)

Effectiveness (F) of an organization using web technologies is defined as the least constrained systems fit between the coordination of activities through knowledge exchange and the validity of the information exchange. These are measured by the price of knowledge transactions (P) in resources such as time and the accuracy (Y) of both the content and process in the exchange such that: F = f (P,Y)(Demchak, Friis, La Porte – ask not to cite).

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