Useful Publications relevant to International Investment Rules

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"Useful Publications relevant to International Investment Rules", Aprenet, January 01, 2000,

Useful Publications relevant to International Investment Rules

The Hemispheric Trade and Environment Forum, Quito, October 31, 2002
Recommendations to the VII Ministerial Conference of the FTAA

The Nautilus Institute, December 2001
Slow-balization, Crouching Tiger Hidden Agenda, United Republic of Corporations, and Bull& Dove — Four Scenarios for Investment Governance
Final Report from the Investment Rules Project Consultation Held December, 2001 at the RBF Pocantico Conference Center

Aaronson, Susan. 2001.
Oh Behave! Voluntary Codes Can Make Corporations Model Citizens.”
originally published in The International Economy; Washington DC: National Policy Association

Audley, John. 2001.
“A Greener Fast Track, Putting Environmental Protection into the Trade Agenda”
Washington DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Buffett, Sandy; Ganzi, John; and Seymour, Frances with Dubash, Navroz. 1998.
Leverage for the Environment: A Guide to the Private Financial Services Industry

Clemencon, Raymond. 2000.
“Foreign Direct Investment and Global Environmental Protection-Why Environmentalists should favour Multilateral Investment Rules”
Journal of World Investment.

International Institute for Sustainable Development and World Wildlife Fund. 2001.
Private Rights, Public Problems, A guide to NAFTA’s controversial chapter on investor rights, Winnipeg: International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Jacobs, Didier. 2001.
“The Potential and Limitations of Foreign Direct Investment for Development,”
Prepared by Oxfam America for the Financing for Development conference

McNally, Richard. 2001.
No investment within the WTO, Re-directing investment to promote sustainable development,”
Washington: World Wildlife Fund International.

Mann, Howard, and Araya, Monica. 2001.
An Investment Regime for the Americas: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability,”
New Haven: Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy.

Neumayer, Eric. 2001.
Greening Trade and Investment, Environmental Protection Without Protectionism,

Von Moltke, Konrad. 2000.
An International Investment Regime? Issues of Sustainable Development,”
Winnipeg: International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Ward, Halina. 2001.
Governing Multinationals: the Role of Foreign Direct Liability,
London: Royal Institute for Internationals Affairs


Werksman, Jacob; Baumert, Kevin; Dubash, Navroz. 2001.
Will International Investment Rules Obstruct Climate Protection Policies?
Washington: World Resources Institute

Zarsky, Lyuba. 2000.
Getting Traction? Sustainable Development and the Governance of Investment,
Berkeley: Nautilus Institute

IMF International Capital Markets 2001

International Financial Risk Institute Publications

Capital Flows to Developing Countries Report by the Institute for International Finance (September, 2001)

NGO Statement to the Financing for Development III Prepaporatory Committee
(May 2001)

OECD working papers on Investment & Capital Movements

International Financial Architecture: An Update on the World Bank’s Activities * (April, 2001)

World Bank Foreign Investment Advisory Service

IMF List of Standard Setting Agencies

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