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Mekong River Basin Development Issues


Other Web Sites

Trade and the Environment


  • The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy(IATP) was established in 1986 as a nonprofit research and education organization. “Our mission is to create environmentally and economically sustainable communities and regions through sound agriculture and trade policy. The Institute assists public interest organizations in effectively influencing both domestic and international policymaking through the following activities:Monitoring, Analysis and Research,Education and Outreach, Training and Technical Assistance, and Coalition Building and International Networking.”







  • Earth Network for Sustainable Development, is being developed by the Earth Council as a mechanism to promote networking among NGOs, community-based organizations, and other sectors of civil society toward sustainability in the 21st century.


  • Asia Environmental Review(ASER) is a monthly publication and information service dedicated to the environmental issue and associated markets of the Asia Pacific region. It is one of the few sources of information and analysis covering environmental business in the entire region from Japan, China and Korea to Southeast Asia.


  • Trade and Environment Database(TED) is a collection of trade and environment cases. Each case is coded on 28 different criteria and accompanied by a written report. The coded material in the cases can be sorted to help with case selection. TED serves as an inventory of cases in trade and environment and provides a basis for use by researchers, policymakers and others in this field.


  • Earth Island Institute(EII) was founded in 1982 by David Brower to “foster the work of creativeindividuals by providing organizational support in developing projects for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the global environment.”


  • UNEP is publishing a series of monographs on specific issues in trade and environment.


  • CREED(Colloborative Research in the Economics of the Environment and Development) “to enrich the knowledge base and widen the debate on sustainable development by strengthening research capacityin environmental economics and policy analysis in developing countries.”



  • Green Seal is the independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the environment by promoting the manufacture and sale of environmentally preferable consumer products. It sets environmental standards andallows the use of its certification mark on productsfound to meet them.



  • Green CrossRoads is a Green Cross International (GCI) initiative which offers a multi-level forum in which to network, exchange views and gather the lastest information on specific issues with the aim of promoting global value change





  • The IPENet joins students, faculty, professionals, community workers, international bankers, trade unionists, development workers, and other people around the world interested in the workings of the global political economy.”


  • The USITC, International Trade Commission provides objective trade expertise to both the legislative and is an independent, quasi-judicial federal agency that executive branches of government, determines the impact of imports on U.S. industries, and directs actions against certain unfair trade practices, such as patent, trademark, and copyright infringement. USITC analysts and economists investigate and publish reports on U.S. industries and the global trends that affect them. The agency also updates and publishes the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.







  • KSDN is Korea Sustainable Development Network. Initiated by UNDP for promoting Sustainable Development by supporting the exchange of relevant information.

    APECAPEC secretariat

  • Trade and Investment Data Review (TID)
  • Trade Promotion (TP)
  • Industrial Science and Technology Transfer (IST)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Trade and Investment Data Review (TID)
  • Trade Promotion (TP)
  • Industrial Science and Technology Transfer (IST)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Regional Energy Cooperation (REC)
    Web Site : APEC Energy Working Group’s Secretariat
  • Marine Resource Conservation (MRC)
  • Telecommunications (TEL)
    Web Site : APEC Telecommunication Working Group
  • Transportation (TPT)
  • Tourism (TWG)
  • Fisheries (FWG)
  • APEC Study Centres

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Phillipines
  • The Pacific Basin Economic Council’s mission is to achieve a business environment in the region that ensures open trade and investment and encourages competitiveness based on the capabilities of individual companies; to provide information, networking fora and services to members that increase their business opportunities; and to support cooperative business efforts to address the economic well-being of its citizens in the region.
  • Implementing Free Trade & Investment in the Pacific Region
  • Conference Statement for 29th PBEC IGM
  • PBEC Statement of Environmental Policy
  • PBEC Charter on International Investments
  • PBEC’s Views on the Immediate Tasks of APEC
  • Executive Summary of PBEC 2000
  • The APEC Education Foundation is a private grant-making organization affiliated with Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, a multilateral framework for encouraging open trade and investment in the Asia Pacific region. The mission of the APEC Education Foundation is to facilitate the development of an economic community among the eighteen member economies of APEC
  • No to APEC! or The Network Opposed to Anti-People Economic Control is a national network of women’s, labour, solidarity and social activist groups working with partners throughout the Asia-Pacific region in opposition to the global corporate agenda.

    Mekong River Basin Development Links

  • International Rivers Network Mekong Campaign site contains articles, correspondences, abstracts publications and research resources on hydroelectric power development in the Mekong River Basin.
  • Probe International’s Mekong Program WWW “site provides information and analysis dedicated to ending destructive Canadian aid in the Mekong region, fostering critical debate, and to strengthening local efforts to keep the Mekong flowing freely”. This site hosts a number of technical reports, news, ‘backgrounders’, and articles on development in the region.
  • Vietnam Environment Law WWW Site maintains an FTP and web site for Vietnam environmental legislation in English and Vietnamese.
  • TERRA’s WWW Site contains archived copies of their publication Watershed and New Frontiers, a monthly briefing on tourism, development and environment issues in the mekong subregion
  • The Australia Vietnam Science-Technology Link assist Vietnamese scientists find their own solutions to development problems.
  • UVI.net supports news summaries, reports, etc. on a wide range of issues including the development of the Mekong, human rights, Burma…
  • Trade and Environment Database contains numerous case studies from the Mekong Region, including a summary of the regions issues
  • Dam andReservoir Impact and Information Archive hosts information on “dams, water diversions, impoundments, and hydroelectric projects and their impacts”.
  • Community Aid Abroad’s Mekong Program site gives a good overview of the issues in the region.




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