Appendix 6 Publications Relating to APEC and the Environment

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Appendix 6
Publications Relating to APEC
and the Environment

Yuko Arayama and Teru Miyanaga, “Economic Growth and Environment in APEC Countries: The Effects of Technological Progress on Consumption, Capital and Environment” Nagoya University, Japan, 1996. Available online at:

Yuko Arayama and Fumio Yoshino, “Economic Growth and Environment in APEC Countries: Environment Protection in Malaysia and Singapore” Nagoya University, Japan, 1996. Available online at:

APEC and the Environment: Innovative Approaches to Trade and Environment in Asia-Pacific October 18th, 1996 San Francisco. (Papers from the workshop organized by: Nautilus Institute, National Wildlife Federation, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy)

  • David G. Morgan, “Building APEC’s Institutional Architecture: Crosscutting and Participatory Mechanisms for Sustainable Development, Some Preliminary Thoughts”
  • Gareth Porter, “Natural Resource Subsidies, Trade and Environment: The Cases of Forests and Fisheries”
  • Naomi Roht-Arriaza, “ISO 14,001 in the APEC Context: Uses, Limitations and Policy Alternatives”
  • Mark J. Spalding, “Lessons of NAFTA for APEC”
  • Lyuba Zarsky and Jason Hunter, “Environmental Cooperation at APEC: The First Five Years”

The Environment and the Economy in APEC: Realizing Convergence National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE). Available from NRTEE, 1 Nicholas St., Suite 1500, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7B7.

Environmentally Sustainable Tourism in APEC Member Economies, Apogee Research Inc., USA 1994. Report available from the APEC Secretariat.

Fixing What’s Broke with APEC: First Steps Toward a Sustainable Development Action Plan National Wildlife Federation, June 23, 1995 NWF Trade and Environment Program 1400 16th St., NW Washington, DC 20036-2266.

Overview of APEC Initiatives on Sustainable Development APEC Secretariat, Human Resource Development Division, 14th floor, Alexandra Point, Singapore, 119958 e-mail:<mailto:””>

Summary Report, Experts Meeting on Innovative Approaches to Environmentally Sustainable Development, Sulo Hotel, Quezon City, June 6-7 1996.

Trade and Environment in Asia-Pacific: Prospects for Regional Cooperation Compendium from the Nautilus Institute Workshop. September 23-25, 1994 East West Center, Honolulu.

David Von Hippel and Peter Hayes, “Rural Energy and Rural Electrification in the APEC Region: Technical Options and Environmental Impacts” Nautilus Institute report to APEC Energy Working Group Workshop on Rural Energy in the APC Region, Tokyo, March, 1996.

Lyuba Zarsky, “APEC and the Environment: Guiding Principles, Innovative Strategies” Nautilus Institute, APRENet Paper No. 96-1, March 1996.

Lyuba Zarsky and Jane Drake-Brockman, “Trade, Environment, and APEC: Imperatives and Benefits of Regional Cooperation” The Asia Foundation, San Francisco 1994.

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