APEC SECRETARIAT Calendar Jan. 1997

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Calendar of Events Beginning January 1997

Explanation for Abbreviations at end of document

January 1997
Jan/Mar(to be advised)
(to be advised)
EWG: 3rd Meeting of Ad Hoc Business Forum on Regional Cooperation for Power Infrastruture
7 – 8 Jan
Jakarta, Indonesia
TEL WG: Seminar on Economic and Commercial Effects of Liberalization of Telecommunications: An APEC Seminar for Industry and Government
24 Jan
Sydney, Australia
HRD WG: Labour Market Information Technical Meeting
25 Jan
Sydney, Australia
HRD WG: Education Forum: Project Steering Committee on Improving Understanding of Culture
25 Jan – 3 Feb
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
25 – 26 Jan: Retreat for Senior Officials
27 – 28 Jan: SOM
29 Jan – 3 Feb: CTI, EC & Related Meetings
Feb/Mar(to be advised)
(to be advised), Australia
EWG: 8th Meeting of the Expert Group on Energy Data & Outlook
17 – 19 Feb
APEC Secretariat, Singapore
Meeting of SOM Chair, Task Force Chair, Lead Shepherds, Committee Chairs to review work program for year plus APEC procedures
20 – 21 Feb
Apec Secretariat, Singapore
APEC Senior Environment/Economic Officials Meeting
21 – 23 Feb
Papua New Guinea
1st 1997 Meeting of ABAC
March 1997
Mar/Apr (to be advised)
10th Meeting of TID WG
3 – 6 Mar
Vancouver, Canada
12th Meeting of IST WG
3 – 7 Mar
Canberra, Australia
Agricultural Biotechnology Workshop
3 Mar – 3 Aug Sydney, Australia 15th Meeting of HRD WG
5 – 8 Mar (to be advised)
(to be advised), Mexico
15th Meeting of TEL WG
10 – 14 Mar;
Taichung, Chinese Taipei
Agr Tech Workshop on Conservation and Utilization of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources; Agr Tech Seminar on Agr Finance System
18 – 19 Mar
Vancouver, Canada
EWG: 10th Meeting of the Expert Group on Technology Cooperation
Mar (to be advised)
APEC Secretariat (tentative),
EWG: 3rd Meeting of Electricity Regulators’ Forum
24 – 27 Mar
Seoul, Republic of Korea
2nd Meeting of Minerals and Energy Exploration and Development Expert Group
26 – 27 Mar
APEC Secretariat, Singapore
BAC Meeting
31 Mar – 1 Apr
Chinese Taipei
Government Procurement Seminar on Remedy System and/or bid Challenge Procedures
April, 1997
Apr/Mar (to be advised)
Kitakyushu, Japan
9th Meeting of TP WG
5 – 6 Apr
Manila, Republic of the Philippines
APEC Finance Ministerial Meeting
13 -16 Apr
Guilin, China
HRD WG: Symposium on School Based Indicators of Effectiveness
20 – 24 Apr
Beijing, China
46th PATA Annual Conference
26 – 28 Apr
Toronto, Ontario,
APEC Environment Ministerial Meeting
29 – 30 Apr
APEC Environmental Management Standard (EMS) Seminar
May 1997
5 – 7 May
Africa, Chile
Forum on Public Policies for SMEs in APEC & Opportunities for APEC SMEs in South America
7 – 9 May
(to be advised), Canada
APEC Customs Symposium
9 – 10 May
(to be confirmed); Montreal,
APEC Trade Ministers’ Meeting
12 – 15 May
Santiago, Chile
14th Meeting of EWG
12 – 19 May
Quebec City, Quebec,
SOM II and Related Meeting
13 – 16 May
Chinese Taipei
10th Meeting of TWG
16 -21 May
Manila, Republic of the Philippines
PBEC 30th International General Meeting
22 -25 May
Banff, Alberta, Canada
APEC Study Center Consortium
23 -25 May
Seoul, Republic of Korea
2nd 1997 Meeting of ABAC
26 -28 May
Pusan, Republic of Korea
10th Meeting of MRC WG
26 -29 May
Montreal, Canada
16th Meeting of HRD WG
June 1997
4 – 6 Jun
Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico
Public-Business/Private Sector Dialogue on Infrastructure
6 – 10 Jun
Shandong, China
2nd APEC International Trade Fair
Jun (to be advised)
(second week of June); Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico
8th Meeting of FWG
22 – 24 Jun
Victoria British Columbia,
2nd Transportation Ministerial Meeting
26 -30 June
Hong Kong
1997 Pacific Rim Forum
July 1997
Jul/Dec(to be advised)
(to be advised), New Zealand
16th Meeting of TEL WG
August 1997
Aug (to be advised)
(1st or 2nd week of August); APEC Secretariat, Singapore
BAC Meeting
20 -31 Aug
St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
SOM III and Related Meeting
Aug (to be advised)
(Last week of August); Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2nd APEC Energy Ministers’ Meeting
September 1997
17 – 19 Sept
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
APEC SME Ministerial Meeting
23 – 26 Sept
Seoul, Republic of Korea
HRD Senior Officials and Ministerial Meetings
27 – 29 Aug
Santiago, Chile
3rd 1997 Meeting of ABAC
30 Sept – 2 Oct
Santiago, Chile
12th International General Meeting of PECC
October 1997
Oct (to be advised)
Hong Kong
3rd APEC Investment Symposium
APEC Investment Experts Group Meeting
7 – 10 Oct
(to be advised); Montreal,
11th Meeting of TWG
November 1997
Nov (to be advised)
Vancouver, Canada
4th 1997 Meeting of ABAC
Nov (to be advised)
(mid-to-late Nov);
Vancouver, B.C.,Canada
SOM IV/APEC Ministerial Meeting/APEC Economic Leaders Meeting


  • Our apologies for any errors or omissions
  • We are dependent on information from APEC members on meeting that might be included, and look forward to receiving your advice for any amendments and additions, including other events which may be relevant to APEC
+ Addition * Alteration


ABAC APEC Business Advisory Council EDZ Economic Development Zone ADB Asian Development Bank
APECEF APEC Education Foundation HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ANSC APEC National Study Center, Korea
ASC APEC Study Center ISO9000 International Standards Organization: 9000 APT Asia Pacific Telecommunity
BAC Budget and Administrative Committee PEO Pacific Economic Outlook ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
BMN Business Management Network (HRD WG) R&D Research & Development CSIS Centre for Strategic and International Studies
CTI Committe on Trade & Investment S&T Science & Technology ESCAP Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Cooperation
EC Economic Committee SME Small and Medium Enterprise ESI Econ. Strategy Int.
EDI Electronic Data Exchange TBT Technical Barriers to Trade IDE Institute of Developing Economies
EPG Eminent Person Group SPS Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures IDEAS Institute of Developing Economies Advance School, Japan
FWG Fisheries Working Group UR Uruguary Round INCPEC Indonesian National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation
HRD Human Resource Development ITU International Telecommunication Union
HURDIT HRD in industrial Technology Network (HRD WG) KIEP Korea Institute of International Economic Policy
MEF Minerals and Energy Forum
IPR Intellectual Property Rights PAFTAD Pacific Trade & Development Conference
IST Industrial Science & Technology PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
MRC Marine Resource Conservation PBEC Pacific Basin Economic Council
NEDM Economic Development Management Network (HRD WG) PECC Pacific Economic Cooperation Council
PBF Pacific Business Forum SPF South Pacific Forum
REC Regional Energy Cooperation UN United Nations
SOM Senior Officials Meeting WTO World Trade Organization
SSOM Special Senior Officials Meeting
TEL Telecommunications
TID Trade & Investment Data
TP Trade Promotion
TPT Transportion
TWG Tourism Working Group
WG Working Group
EWG Regional Energy Cooperation

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