Australia-Indonesia nuclear dynamics

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Australia – nuclear proliferation

 Australia nuclear proliferation history  Australian nuclear proliferation – contemporary Materials on contemporary Australian nuclear proliferation issues

Indonesian nuclear power proposals

Indonesian nuclear power proposals Latest news Suparman, ‘Economic Indicators Assessment of NPP Project in Indonesia‘, 8th INPRO Dialogue Forum: Toward Nuclear Energy System Sustainability: Economics, Resource Availability, and Institutional Arrangements, 26-29 August 2014, IAEA, Vienna, Austria. Margareth S. Aritonang, ‘BATAN seeks partnership with Russia’s Rosatom‘, The Jakarta Post, 4 September 2014. Introduction There have been […]

Indonesia – nuclear proliferation

 Indonesian nuclear proliferation – contemporary  Indonesian nuclear proliferation history resources  Robert Cornejo, “When Sukarno Sought the Bomb” Cornejo, Robert M., ‘When Sukarno Sought the Bomb: Indonesian Nuclear Aspirations in the Mid-1960s,’ The Nonproliferation Review, Summer 2000

Nuclear developments and Australia-Indonesia security

 Indonesia ‘concerned’ about uranium enrichment talk in Aust Source: ABC New Online, 3 September 2006.  Australia-Indonesia nuclear interaction  Suspects with form Suspects with form: Security implications of Australian and Indonesia nuclear developments for state and civil society, Presentation to the International Expert Workshop on Uranium: Energy, Security, Environment, Flinders International Asia Pacific Institute, Adelaide, […]