Australia-Indonesia nuclear dynamics

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Australia – nuclear proliferation

 Australia nuclear proliferation history  Australian nuclear proliferation – contemporary Materials on contemporary Australian nuclear proliferation issues

Indonesian nuclear power proposals – site map, September 2014

Indonesian nuclear power proposals Latest news Suparman, ‘Economic Indicators Assessment of NPP Project in Indonesia‘, 8th INPRO Dialogue Forum: Toward Nuclear Energy System Sustainability: Economics, Resource Availability, and Institutional Arrangements, 26-29 August 2014, IAEA, Vienna, Austria. Margareth S. Aritonang, ‘BATAN seeks partnership with Russia’s Rosatom‘, The Jakarta Post, 4 September 2014. Introduction There have been […]

Indonesia – nuclear proliferation

 Indonesian nuclear proliferation – contemporary  Indonesian nuclear proliferation history resources  Robert Cornejo, “When Sukarno Sought the Bomb” Cornejo, Robert M., ‘When Sukarno Sought the Bomb: Indonesian Nuclear Aspirations in the Mid-1960s,’ The Nonproliferation Review, Summer 2000

Nuclear developments and Australia-Indonesia security

 Indonesia ‘concerned’ about uranium enrichment talk in Aust Source: ABC New Online, 3 September 2006.  Australia-Indonesia nuclear interaction  Suspects with form Suspects with form: Security implications of Australian and Indonesia nuclear developments for state and civil society, Presentation to the International Expert Workshop on Uranium: Energy, Security, Environment, Flinders International Asia Pacific Institute, Adelaide, […]