Trade and Economics

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"Trade and Economics", pegasus, January 01, 1994,

Expedition Links Trade & Economics


Tokyo Bay

Trade and economic resources

Currency Exchange
Track currency exchanges for the Japanese Yen and US Dollar, among other currencies.

Irasshai Launch Pad for Japanese Studies, Business Section
Articles on such topics as Japanese etiquette and business in a cultural context.

Japan Links
A comprehensive list of online sources. Categories include: Government and Politics, Business and Economy, News (journals, newspapers).

Gateway Japan
Links to business and commerce websites. The Japan Company Record is a searchable database of Japanese co. info (directory, business start date, stock mkt, financial statements).

Japan Web Navigator

Current news (international, national, regional), science and technology, business and economics.

National Clearinghouse for US-Japan Studies
Wide ranging subjects concerning the Japanese economy; includes links to journals and Japanese English-language newspapers.

Japan Information Network

Information about the Japanese economy and economic history.

Japan Information Network

Information about industries in Japan.

KidsWeb Japan, Japan Information Network

Information about Japan’s main exports/imports, trading partners, trade surplus, and electricity energy sources.

Global Village
Articles about the Information Age in Japan.


Port of Yokohama
Tokyo’s primary shipping port; general information and interesting facts about the port.

Port of Yokohama
The port’s shipping statistics for 1996.

City of Yokohama

Includes graphs, cargo and ship information for Yokohama.

Kawasaki Port
One of Tokyo Bay’s primary shipping ports; information about berths, operations and port history.

Port of Chiba
One of Tokyo Bay’s shipping ports; information on Chiba’s economic statistics.

Chiba Bay Area InformationThe more rural neighbor of the spreading Tokyo metropolis.

Online news sources

Japan Echo
Bimonthly online journal.

Japan Times

San Francisco Bay

Trade and economic resources

Currency Exchange
Track the currency exchange rate for the Japanese Yen and US Dollar, among other currencies.

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
A source of demographic and economic information, including an overview of significant Bay Area innovations (problem solving in communities).

Balance of trade

US Customs
Information on US commerce, organized by port area.

US Customs
List of Top 25 Metro Area Exporters, 1996, in which San Jose ranks first.

US Customs
Oakland’s export sales by industry sector.

BayTrade’s internationally oriented trade web site has information for market and industry research.


Port of Oakland
The San Francisco Bay Area’s primary shipping port; site includes maritime facts and figures, and principal exports and imports.

Online news sources

San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner

The New York Times

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