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Getting Started


Getting Started 3: How to Cite Sources

While doing research for a project, paper or presentation, it is important to keep track of the sources of information you draw from. These sources need to be documented, or ‘cited’, in the final presentation. This activity helps you learn how to prepare citations for the resources you discover online.

1. Choose one of the following topics to research on the web:

  • Diminishing biodiversity on Earth
  • What is globalization?
  • The internment of Japanese Americans during World War II

2. Choose a search engine and explore ways to develop variety and depth to your research.

3. Find at least one of the following types of web documents to cite in your bibliography:

  • Online magazine article
  • Online newspaper article
  • Professional website or scholarly project
  • Personal website

As you find relevant web sites, bookmark or save the URLs for reference.

4. Review the web pages on MLA Bibliographic Format. Choose the relevant link (online magazine article, professional website, etc.) and fill out the blank fields below the example. After checking your entry, click on the “Submit” button to view your citation.

5. Create a bibliography by listing your completed citations.

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