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"LOGISTICS AND TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS", nuke policy, March 04, 2001, https://nautilus.org/nuke-policy/logistics-and-travel-instructions/

“Partnership for Peace: Building Long-term Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia”

The Second Collaborative Workshop on East Asia Regional Security Futures
The Center for American Studies, Fudan University
Shanghai, China, March 3-4, 2001


1)  Costs:  Nautilus Institute and Fudan University will cover the following expenses for the workshop:


Air – All participants traveling from outside China will receive an economy class ticket or equivalent reimbursement.  We strongly prefer that you work directly with our travel agent to make your flight reservations.  The travel agent will be contacting you via email, but if you need to contact our agent, call or email:
Paulette Ianniello
Miller Gove Northbrae Travel Management
Phone:  877-885-6463
Fax:  510-758-2478
Email: pianiello@mindspring.comWe would like you to make your reservations at least 2 weeks in advance of the workshop, by February 15, 2001.  If you must make reservations through your own agent, we will reimburse you up to the cost of a typical round-trip economy class ticket between Shanghai and your point of origin.  You will be responsible for any air travel expenses beyond this limitation.  Please contact us if any extraordinary circumstances apply to your travel arrangements.  Please see the reimbursement instructions below (section 2).

Local transportation – Each participant will be given money upon arrival to cover the cost of travel to and from the airport, local transportation, and other local expenses.  Please note that no other reimbursements for these costs will be given.  An official invitation letter will be included in the packet that you receive by mail.

Lodging and venue:

Lodging:  Lodging will be provided at the Baolong Hotel in Shanghai for all participants.  Expenses will be covered for all hotel room charges and room taxes for the nights of March 2-4, 2001 (for non-local participants), and for the night of March 3, 2001 (for Shanghai-based participants).  The contact information for the hotel is:
Baolong Hotel
70 Yi Xian Road
Shanghai  200434
Phone:  6542-5425

More detailed information is forthcoming.  Any costs above and beyond the price of a single room will be charged directly to the participant.  The address of the hotel (in English and Chinese) is included in the packet you will receive in the mail to give to the taxi driver.
Venue:  The workshop will be held at Fudan University’s Center for American Studies.  Transportation will be provided to and from the hotel to the Center.

Meals:  All meals will be provided during the two-day workshop.

Other costs and incidentals:  All other expenses that participants may incur are the responsibility of the participant.  Please also note that you are responsible for your own federal and state taxes, medical and other insurances.

2)  Reimbursement Instructions:  As all expenses covered are billed directly to the workshop sponsors, there should not be a need to request reimbursement for participant expenses.  In case that need should arise (e.g. air travel made through private agency), please follow these reimbursement instructions:

· Save all receipts for items in which you are requesting reimbursement, you must have a receipt in order to be reimbursed.· Submit receipts in one packet to:
Megan Keever, Special Projects Coordinator
125 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA  94710

· You should receive reimbursement within 4 weeks of submission, any questions or concerns regarding reimbursement should be directed to mkeever@nautilus.org.

3) Updates:  You will be receiving more detailed information regarding the workshop agenda and logistics in the coming weeks.

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