ADF bases and locations abroad


This document provides a list of bases and facilities used on a more than transitory basis by Australian military forces in operations abroad since 2001. Some are full-fledged bases used primarily or exclusively by the ADF; others are primarily other forces’ bases shared by the ADF; some are small forward operating bases; and some are facilities shared with civil authorities. Some were used only for a limited period. Where there is uncertainty about the listing it is marked by an asterisk. In some cases, the coordinates of the location of the facility are approximate.

There are also a number of ADF and AFP facilities on Australian territory that are particularly closely connected to overseas operations. These are listed in the final section below.

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British Indian Ocean Territory/Chagos Archipelago

East Timor

Middle East and Central Asia







United Arab Emirates

Solomon Islands

* Unconfirmed ADF locations

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16 August 2010