AdaptNet (ISSN: 1836-2478) is RMIT University Global Cities Research Institute’s Climate Change Adaptation Program network focused on urban climate change adaptation. It is produced in partnership with Nautilus Institute. This decentralized network creates a set of common knowledge and reference points for participants in the network; it offers information, analysis, and methodology to undertake urban climate change adaptive policy research and analysis. AdaptNet highlights best practice and demonstration projects.  It focuses on cities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, but acknowledges the global network of cities.


AdaptNet Editor: Saleem Janjua, Email: adaptnet@rmit.edu.au

English Edition

AdaptNet for 15 April 2014

  1. Urban Populations and Vulnerability – Brisbane, Australia
  2. Resilience to Climate Change in Asian Cities
  3. Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Displacement
  4. Hurricane Storm Surge and Sea-level Rise Vulnerability
  5. Climate Justice in the Australian City
  6. 2nd International UGEC Conference – Taipei, Taiwan
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AdaptNet for 1 April 2014

  1. Climate Change and Local Indigenous Knowledge
  2. Location Security and Environmental-Induced Displacement
  3. Stakeholder-Driven Research for Climate Adaptation
  4. Natural Disasters and Climate Change – Cost Estimates
  5. Community Flood Management Knowledge – Australia
  6. Environment and Natural Resources International Conference
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AdaptNet for 18 March 2014

  1. Indigenous Health and Climate Change – Australia
  2. Local Hybrid Knowledge and State Support for Adaptation
  3. Urban Adaptation: Secondary Cities in Vietnam and Bangladesh
  4. Australian State of the Climate – 2014
  5. Climate Stress and Behavioral Adaptation – India
  6. Climate Adaptation 2014 – Future Challenges
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AdaptNet for 4 March 2014

  1. Australian Attitudes to Climate Change
  2. The Risk of Disaster-induced Displacement
  3. Climate Change Threatens Winter Olympics
  4. CCASTs – Climate Change Adaptation Support Tools
  5. Towards a Resilient Future: Children and Disasters
  6. VCCCAR Annual Forum 2014 – Melbourne, Australia
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AdaptNet for 18 February 2014

1. Climate Change and Health Sector – Pacific Region
2. Environmental Change and the Voices of People
3. Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report
4. Children’s Perceptions and Adaptive Behaviours
5. Twelve Reasons Why CCA M&E is Challenging
6. International Conference – Deltas in Times of Climate Change

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AdaptNet for 10 December 2013

  1. Adaptation and Natural Disaster Risk Management
  2. Flood Mitigation Infrastructure in India and Nepal
  3. Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy
  4. Economics of Climate Change in East Asia
  5. Climate Change-related Loss and Damage
  6. 2014 Victorian Adaptation Forum – Australia
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AdaptNet for 26 November 2013

  1. Climate Change, Heat Waves and Healthy Behaviours
  2. Climate Change Adaptation in Northeast India
  3. Uganda Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
  4. Making Policy for Climate’s Sake
  5. What Good Adaptation Would Look Like for Australia?
  6. UGEC 2nd International Conference – Taiwan
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AdaptNet for 12 November 2013

  1. Building Bridges: Supporting Adaptation in Industry
  2. Climate Departure from Recent Variability
  3. Electric Grid Resilience to Weather Outages
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation for Climate Adaptation
  5. Business and Disaster Risk Reduction
  6. Conference – Climate Change: Impacts & Responses
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AdaptNet for 29 October 2013

  1. Risk Management and Climate Change
  2. Adaptive Capacity and Integrated Water Resources Management
  3. An Adaptation Strategy for the European Union (EU)
  4. Disaster Risk Governance at National and Local Levels
  5. A Resilient Planet Needs Robust Science
  6. Conference – Sustainable Business, Energy & Development
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AdaptNet for 15 October 2013

  1. Victorian Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  2. Climate Adaptation Strategies in Coastal Areas
  3. Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy
  4. Tools for Climate Compatible Development
  5. Towards the Resilient Future Children Want
  6. Australian Council for International Development Conference
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